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Walking in The Holy Land


A group of us in the church just returned from an amazing pilgrimage to Israel. I have been blessed to be a tour pastor on these trips these past years and it has enriched my life immensely.

I am so thankful to God.

This time was no exception and we had an incredible time. We had about 8 Chinese, 4 Finns, 1 Indonesian and with the Hungarians we were about 28.

We were so thankful, broken and blessed to be able to go. We baptized a Chinese brother in the Jordan, spoke on the end times at Armageddon, walked up the southern steps from the city of David to the temple as the pilgrims would have done, got to lead a sweet Arab girl to faith at the Pool of Bethesda who listened to us preach there, sang praises on the shores of Galilee, prayed for the ultimate peace in Jerusalem (at Christ’s return) at the western wall, climbed up Engedi after considering David’s exile in 1 Samuel and devotions in the Psalms, stood at the lowest place on earth at the Dead Sea and in our hearts we were on top of the world, drove up through the Jordan valley and considered the prophets, the judges and the kings, walked through the ruins of Capernaum, reflecting on the public ministry of Christ and finally had a day in Caesarea where we thought about the first Gentile convert and the great commission. It is such a powerful, personal time.

You come face to face with your faith, the land, the Word and the Lord.

Amazing time.

Thanks for your prayers.

Posted by Graham King, 2016/12/5

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