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Whining, Crying and Resistance

As the years have passed, we have found immense value in taking an account of the graces given in our lives. We owe it to ourselves to often “hit the pause button” and recognize the gift of the moment, the value of people and the opportunities given in this particular season.

Over the years, many of us on the team here would often say to each other “can you believe we get to do this?” It certainly fosters a sense of privilege and thankfulness for the rich life we get to live day in and day out.

Are you kidding me?

Our precious family and friends?

Our vibrant little church? the school and team we are a part of?

Ministering the word every day?

Living in this beautiful city?

In short, an attitude (or “altitude”) of gratitude makes all the difference doesn’t it? We will quickly find so much to be thankful for when we stop and “consider what great things God has done for us” (1 Sam 12:24).

Recently my wife and I read a simple article that deeply blessed us. A young family had spent a few hours at the beach when the weather turned and they had to pack up. It was the usual spectacle of a family juggling sandy beach toys and wet towels in their arms and attempting to convince the kids to comply with the exit strategy.

Whining and resistance followed. As they finally trudge through the sand, laden with beach stuff and children, an elderly man looked at them said to his wife: “Oh do you remember dear? …those were the best days of our life, weren’t they?”

It served up a powerful lesson. How wise it is to realize NOW that these really are the best days of our life. The days very quickly turn into months and years and graduations come speedily.

My wife and I have now coined the phrase “these are the best days of our life” and say it to each other as a reminder, especially in the face of family mayhem and a crazy schedule. It can help put things back in the right perspective.

Let’s hit the pause button often, consider His great graces and embrace the best days of our life.

Posted by Graham King, 2016/5/5

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